How to open the wordlist and consult the slips

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Wordlist (basic)
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The wordlist which enables a search has a basic and an advanced module - each has its help menu:
Wordlist (basic) - how to
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There is also a brief description of the wordlist (history, development, current make-up):
About the wordlist.

The Envelope
Please note that posting dictionary articles on the Internet, partly in the form of draft versions, is done, amongst other things, in the hope of receiving feedback and suggestions for improvement. To this end there is an icon in the form of a mail envelope situated at every level of both new and previously published articles . A single click on this envelope opens the path to direct communication with the editorial staff of ONP. We hope that full use will be made of it.

As yet, the form in which the wordlist is presented here on the Internet as far as material beyond ONP 1-3 (a-em) is concerned comprises the core of ONP's vocabulary only (÷ subsidiary forms, ÷ details of declension and syntax, ÷ cross-references).

At a later point ONP's archive of material concerning poetic vocabulary, young Norwegian and Icelandic words, as well as personal and place-names will also be accessible.

In connection with the presentation of a headword access will soon be given to a listing of the references to secondary literature that ONP has collected.